The Dún Mór Druid Order seeks to inspire humanity to fulfill it’s unique potential. Dún Mór (meaning “great fort” or “great enclosure” in Irish) welcomes Druids, and those interested in Druidry, into a collaborative community centered on healing humanities relationship with the Earth. Druidry has an important role to play in bridging the illusory rift between humanity, nature, and the Otherworld. Despite the problems and challenges the world faces today, ours is a path of hope and gratitude. In an age when many priests and religious leaders emphasize fear, conflict, scarcity, and hatred; Druidry reminds us that separation is an illusion. We invite you to join us on this ancient and profound path.

The Dún Mór Druid Order centers around Three Core Teachings:

  • I am the Other
  • Diversity is the Sacred Expression of Unity
  • The People and the Land are One

The Three Core Teachings are emphasized as a way of grounding and centering the many explorations and revelations you will have in your exploration of Druidry.  The Three Core Teachings keep our focus on service to humanity, and all other forms of life. Without this focus on service, Druidry, like any other spiritual or religious tradition, can become a hollow exercise in naval gazing, delusion, and judgement.

The Dún Mór tradition of Druidry is inspired by Celtic and Irish culture, the Otherworld, and imbas (personal inspiration).  Dún Mór is open to Druids and Seekers of all persuasions and faiths. We emphasize deepening your relationship with passion, the divine, your fellow human beings, and the Earth. Hospitality is one of our central virtues and we welcome people of all races, sexual orientations, genders, and creeds. Diversity of perspective and innovation with integrity are highly valued aspects of what we do.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Dún Mór Druid Order is to offer solo, group, and retreat practice in Druidry, anchored in authentic Irish and Celtic tradition and aided by ancestral spirit allies to nurture primordial Remembrance within.