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Irish Legends Episode 7: Commentary on Episode 6


Cead míle failte! Welcome to Episode 7 in the Dún Mór Druid Order’s series on the legends of Ireland. Our commentary today is on the previous episode, Episode 6 “Manannan with Kings and His fosterage of Lú.” So if you haven’t yet watched Episode 6 you need to or this show won’t make a lot of sense.

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Irish Legends Episode 6: Manannán with Kings and His Fosterage of Lugh


We continue our series on the story of Lugh Lámhfada with his fosterage by one of the most ancient among the Tuatha Dé Dannan, the mysterious Lord of the Sea, Manannán Mac Lir. We start with two stories about Manannán’s visit to the arrogant King Aodh Dubh O’Donnell and his visit to the wise King, Cormac Mac Airt. We will end with Lugh’s second fosterage with Manannán bringing us to the end of Lugh’s childhood.

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Irish Legends Series Episode 5: Commentary on Episode 4


We continue our series on Lugh with commentary on Episode 4. Enjoy!

Irish Legends Series Episode 4: The Battle of Maigh Tuireadh Conga and the Fosterage of Tailtiú


We continue the story of Lugh Lamhada with the story of his fosterage to Tailtiú, the oppression of the Fir Bholg, the coming of the Tuatha Dé Danann to Ireland, and the Battle of Maigh Tuireadh Conga.

Irish Legends Series Episode 3: The Birth of Lugh


The story of the birth of Lugh Lamhfada. The story of Lugh’s father and mother Cían and Ethlinn; how Balor got his Evil Eye, the creation of the Selkies, and how Lugh won his name.

Irish Legends Series Episode 2: The Shapeshifting Swineherds


For our second tale we will tell one of the prologue stories of the great Irish epic the Táin Bó Cúailgne “The Cattle Raid of Cooley”. This story, “The Shapeshifting Swineherds”, tells the tale of the two great catalysts of the raid, the Brown Bull and the White Bull. We end the tale with commentary on it’s various spiritual meanings. Let us begin . . .

Irish Legends Series Episode 1: The Adventures of the Sons of Eochaidh


For our inaugural episode we tell the tale “The Adventures of the Sons of Eochaidh”. This is a story about Sovereignty and the metaphysical qualities that make Sovereignty possible. It is also the story of the founding of one of the oldest royal lines in Europe, the Uí Néill. We end the tale with commentary on it’s various spiritual meanings. Enjoy!

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